Guy Wants to Shift Careers after Learning How Much Lumpia Vendor Earns per Day


Many people in the Philippines live below the poverty, with most earning even less than the minimum wage of Php500 for the National Capital Region (NCR). But one guy learned how much a lumpia vendor earns per day – and says he now wants to shift careers! Could he be serious?

Jomer Arañas shared on his Facebook account how he asked a lumpia vendor how many lumpia he sells per day. The lumpia vendor said that he often brings 600 pieces of lumpia; he added that his goods are often sold out quickly.

Doing the math, Jomer was rather amazed at how much the lumpia vendor earns per day!

Photo credit: Jomer Arañas / Facebook

With his lumpia being sold at 3 pieces for Php20, the vendor earns a gross income of Php4,000 per day! With that in mind, he earns around Php28,000 a week or as much as Php120,000 a month! That’s for less than 8 hours of work a day. Whoa.

It is no wonder that Jomer wants to shift careers and become a lumpia vendor.

But netizens were quick to point out that the lumpia vendor also spends money on the ingredients, spends a lot of time preparing the food, then has to bring his goods to the right places so he could sell these out for the day.

A netizen suggests that the lumpia vendor most likely shells out about 60% of the lumpia’s profit on the capital. Of course, you also have to count the hours the vendor spent in preparing the lumpia, from going to the market to wrapping and cooking the finished product.

Still, earning just 40% of Jomer’s original computation still looks quite promising.

Php4,000 x 40% = Php1,600 per day.

Earning Php1,600 per day as net profit is certainly not bad, huh? That easily translates to Php11,200 per week or Php48,000! That amount is still so much more than what most people earn these days.
So, is it time for us to shift careers and become lumpia vendors? Well, just make sure your lumpia tastes good – and that the competition is not too stiff in the places you sell your lumpia to…


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