Electrical Installation and Maintenance NC III (FREE TRAINING and ASSESSMENT)

Electrical Installation and Maintenance NC III  (FREE TRAINING and ASSESSMENT)
Human Resource Development Institute announces ENROLLMENT and REGISTRATION FOR EIM NCII. Open for April 22, 2019 class, the schedule is Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. AVAIL FREE TRAINING AND FREE ASSESSMENT NOW!

Courses Offered:

Electrical Installation and Maintenance NC III (160 hrs of training)


*Please fill-up the form to get your "UNIQUE LEARNERS IDENTIFIER NUMBER (ULI#)" for fast processing: http://t2mis.tesda.gov.ph/Barangay (click this link)
and submit the following;

(1)*Academic records such as National Certificate issued by TESDA, Transcript of Records(TOR) College or High School Class Card supported by Certificate of Employment.

(2)*Electrical Installation and Maintenance NC II National Certificate of TESDA

(3)*Proof of Good Moral Character such as NBI or Police Clearance or Certificate of Good Moral Character issued by Barangay.

(4) *Birth Certificate NSO or Passport

(5) Photos 3 Pcs. Passport size and 8 pcs. 1x1, white background, with name tag, applicant wearing a collared shirt, taken within 3 months

(6) Long Brown Enveloped

"NO, or LACKING" documents will not be entertained. NO RESERVATION.

Items with *: Only the photocopy shall be collected, however, the original copy needs to be presented upon enrollment.

For inquiries please visit Human Resource Development Institute at Bayani Rd., Fort Bonifacio Taguig City, or you may contact them to their facebook page TesdaHRDI.

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