4 iPhone Battery Myths You Shouldn’t Believe At All

iPhone Battery Myths
We all want to give our mobile phone long battery lives because apart from the fact that batteries can be expensive to replace, it is also becoming inconvenient if it runs low very fast.
So what we do is that we follow a certain practice that we believe will lengthen our phone batteries, but not all of these are true.

To help you get enlightened, here are some of the iPhone battery myths you should not even believe at all.

4 iPhone Battery Myths You Shouldn’t Believe At All

1. You should not be charging your phone overnight. 

This was an old belief already. Today, a smart technology actually stops charging your phone when it has already reached 100 percent. It means that it will only start charging again when the battery drops lower than the 100 percent.

2. You should charge your battery until it is full and you need to drain it down. 

Full charging your battery and draining it all the way is not a good way to maintain its battery life. This is not the battery you use for all your other appliances.

3. You should not use your phone while it is charging. 

Some people feel it is unsafe to use the phone while charging and that it will only shorten the battery life. This is completely not true unless you are using a cheap and unreliable USB cord.

4. Your iPhone is safe in a public charging port. 

The thing about charging your phone in public charging stations is that it is risky because your personal information can be compromised. The cords in these places create an easy way for data transfer and they are more than just a power source. It will be better to bring your own charger or power bank.

Charging your iPhone should be easy. It is not something you should really worry about and that is why you need to know which advice to follow because they might do more harm than good for your phone.

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