Top 12 In-Demand TESDA Courses for Finding Work Abroad in 2023


TESDA (Technical Education And Skills Development Authority) offers a wide range of courses, all of which are available for free – and the students can even receive an allowance plus some tools or things that they might need to practice that particular field.

Many people enroll in TESDA to learn a new skill and possibly find a better-paying job or start their own business. There are also many who take TESDA courses to find work abroad.

What are the top 12 in-demand TESDA courses in 2023?

So, which are the best courses to take in 2023? Here are our Top 12 In-Demand TESDA Courses in 2023 (Especially for Finding Work Abroad):

  1. Shielded metal arc welding (NC I and II)
  2. Housekeeping
  3. Food and beverage services
  4. Caregiving
  5. Beauty care
  6. Computer systems servicing
  7.  Electrical installation and maintenance
  8. Bread and pastry production
  9. Cookery
  10. Bookkeeping
  11. Contact center services
  12. Machining

Many of these courses can teach skills that are in-demand in jobs abroad.

For example, caregivers are in-demand in the US and Canada, while skills in food and beverage services, beauty care, and housekeeping are in-demand in cruise ships and countries with plenty of tourists.

Beauticians and Barbers are also able to find jobs in US salons and barbershops, though many prefer working in cruise ships for the luxury, fun, and adventure that they can experience.

Machining, shielded metal arc welding, electrical installation, and construction skills are in-demand in the Middle East and other places experiencing exponential growth in their infrastructures.

In September 2022, TESDA also announced that they will be implementing more tech-VOC (technical vocational) programs in 2023 to meet the demands and needs of the ever-changing career landscape.

TESDA courses are available for many Filipinos, particularly the less fortunate who can learn new skills and, hopefully, find a better-paying job so they can support their families.

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Many of the courses don’t require a college degree but are open even for young people and unemployed individuals who don’t have a degree.


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