Couple Builds Impressive House after Success of Isaw, Bulalo, and Construction Business


A couple builds impressive house after the success of their isaw, bulalo, and construction business – and their story has become an inspiration to many.

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Couple Build Impressive House after Business Success

For many Filipinos, finding good fortune and succeeding in life often means going abroad and working as an OFW (overseas Filipino worker).

Still, many Filipinos have also proven that this isn’t always the case.

Pwede naman pala hindi na mag abroad si husband ko,” writes Melanie Santos Cipriano in a now-viral post on Facebook group Home Buddies.

Share ko lang ang napundar naming na munting bahay galing sa pagtitinda ng isaw, bulalo, unliwings at kung ano-ano pa at syempre galing sa pagkoconstruction ng asawa ko.

Elegant Interiors in 50 sqm Space

You might be surprised to learn that this house is built on 50 sqm of space, yet it looks so big and beautiful.

The couple was able to maximize the space and still have enough to add creative accents and charming d├ęcor all over the place. It’s quite amazing to see that they were able to do that without adding too much elements that can make the limited space look cluttered.

It appears that they were able to maximize the floor plan so there isn’t any wasted space for this charming home.

The house is decked for Christmas but even without these decorations, it certainly looks so stylish already.

Modern Kitchen and Dining Space

The dining room is just as welcoming as the house’s living area. It can be a great spot for hanging out or just relaxing after a long day.

There’s a lot to love about the U-shaped kitchen, including its bar (with matching bar stools), a full oven, and sleek built-in cabinets.

A house like this might require at least Php2 million to build from scratch.

Source: Melanie Santos Cipriano / Tambay Ka Muna


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