Caskets, Urns as Prizes at Christmas Party Raffle You Probably Don’t Want to Win in


It’s the Christmas season – and every office, school, association, or group is busy organizing parties. Everyone is looking forward to the Christmas party raffle in hopes of winning something, especially the grand prize!

But there’s one Christmas party raffle you probably don’t want to win in because the prizes were actually caskets, urns, and even formalin! Uh-oh.

Photo credit: Philippine STAR

Caskets and Urns at Christmas Party Raffle

When Tita Kei was invited by the PMA (Philippine Mortuary Association) to host their Christmas party, the event host first thought that it was for the Philippine Military Academy.

Imagine their surprise upon learning that the activity was actually for a different kind of PMA.

But due to professionalism, the event host didn’t back out.

And it all started like a normal, regular Christmas party because there were actually some appliances that were raffled off at the start.

Yet things took a really interesting and rather spooky turn when they started picking for the major prices.

Quite amazingly (although it isn’t surprising since they’re a mortuary association), the group raffled off 20 marble urns and nine caskets to the, errrrr, lucky winners.

May mga appliances din na niraffle bago ’yan. Pero ang pinakamain prize is mga ataul, formaldehyde, and marble urn. Super saya po ng experience dahil first time po ito na ang ipina-raffle is ataul,” Tita Kei recalled.

Lahat po ng nakatanggap is super happy. Lalo na po ’yung grand prize na ataul, from Batesville na napakamahal.

Perhaps these people are excited because they’re in this industry and they know the prices of the stuff they’re winning – after all, the Batesville caskets range from Php44,000 to Php2 million!

We’re all wondering if their winnings are convertible to cash, but other netizens asked whether there’s an expiry date on when the winners can use the stuff they won.

Required po ba gamitin agad ng nanalo?” one netizen also joked. LOL

Would you also happily accept the prizes if you won in this kind of Christmas raffle?

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