Cake Making under STEP | CABALEN Training Institute Corp


There will be 3 batches of 73 slots available for STEP Cake Making (Online and Face-to-Face Training) at CABALEN Training Institute Corp, starting on AUGUST 6, SEPTEMBER 1, and OCTOBER 24.

Course Offered:

Cake Making 

What are the Admission Requirements:

  1. Must be 18 years old and above;
  2. At least high school graduate;
  3. Clear copy of the birth certificate;
  4. Form 137 / 138 or Transcript of Records if college level.

What are the Benefits:

  • Free Electric Oven
  • 160/Day Allowance (10 days)
  • GSIS 1 Year Accident Insurance
  • 500 pesos Internet Load Allowance
  • 500 pesos PPE Allowance
CTI is accepting applications via email from applicants who meet the following requirements. Please send all personal information and admission requirements to [email protected].

Contact Number:
Training Program/Qualifications:

CABALEN Training Institute Corp, is located at 54 JP Rizal Street, Quezon City, Philippines. 


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