Family of Sick OFW Refuses to Accept Him Now That He’s Jobless, Even If He Supported Them

Sick OFW
A lot of overseas Filipino workers (OFW) sacrifice so much for their families that many of them end up with no savings at all, just to provide everything that their family needs. Sadly, many of their families do not recognize the sacrifice they made and might even reject them if they are no longer providing them with the money they need.

Recently, a former OFW identified as Ramon Nabuhay went viral after someone saw him living at Luneta Park. Homeless and with no money to feed himself three times a day, Ramon often relies on the kindness of strangers for food and his other needs.

 Sick OFW Refuses to Accept Him
Photo credit: Aileen Mariquit Sombise / Facebook

What’s rather sad, though, is that the former OFW had lived a good life in the past, but his family refused to accept him now that he is jobless. He told concerned netizens that he worked in Saudi Arabia for 21 years. In all those years, he sent money to his parents and siblings. He even sent his nephews and nieces to school, providing everything his family needed.

He claimed that because he focused on his siblings and their families, he did not get married. Yet he was happy doing that until the day he got sick. He went home in December 2018, thinking that his family would support him after all the years he supported them. But 21 years of financial support meant nothing to his family who reportedly rejected him because he did not have any more money to send them.

They had lived off his remittance for many years but now that he needs their help, his family reportedly did not have enough money to help him out. They just turned him away; thus, the former OFW decided to simply live in Luneta so he wouldn’t have to beg from his family.

In the viral post, the uploader advised that OFWs should not send everything to their families because there might come a time when they would lose everything and they would have no one else to turn to… Sad.

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