Old Woman Goes Viral for Reading Bible Outside Her ‘Kubo’

Old Woman Goes Viral for Reading Bible

Many of us are so busy with our lives, trying to get financially rich, that we have forgotten how important it is for us to also be spiritually rich! But a poor old woman recently went viral after she reminded us that material thing are not always the most important to store in our lives…

In a post that has gone viral on Facebook, Atty Jb Batiancila shared photos of an unknown old lady whom he happened to see as he passed by her house. The old woman lives in a small ‘kubo’ that has obviously seen better days, but she does not mind her difficult situation as she intently studies the Word of God.

Photo credit: Atty Jb Batiancila / Facebook

Many might say that she’s trying to attract attention – because why would she read outside the house, huh? But Batiancila explained that the old lady’s house did not have electricity and it was too dark inside the house for her to read. Thus, she does it outside.

Plus, this clearly appears to be an interior road; whose attention is she trying to attract, anyway? Batiancila does not know the woman but posted that she reminds him of his grandmother who was poor in material things but rich in spiritual aspects and is always thankful to God.

Photo credit: Atty Jb Batiancila / Facebook

Batiancila felt happy to have seen such a prayerful, religious old woman. She does not only remind him of his grandmother but also serves as a powerful reminder to everyone how important it is to remain close to God. He hopes that netizens would share this old woman’s photo to inspire others instead of simply sharing nonsense things that often go viral on social media.

Netizens felt the same way.

God bless Nanay. Pagpalain ka ng Diyos na makapangyarihan sa lahat na may-ari ng langit at lupa. Amen,” one netizen wrote.
Another commented that this old woman is so blessed because even if her house is dark as they had no electricity, she has a bright future because she is always communing with God. The netizen feels inspired by the old woman.

God bless po, Lola!

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