Heartbreaking Photo of Tired Vendor Sleeping Beside the Street Goes Viral


An old vendor was so tired that he fell asleep beside the street, just sitting down with his body hunched over his knees. Someone noticed the tired old man and took a picture which would soon go viral.

In the photo, the old man could be seen with his head resting on his knees as he sits by the roadside. Sleeping after a long day of pushing his heavy cart, the old man did not mind that he was beside the street. Perhaps his house was still far away. But at the time, he was simply too tired to care whether he can find a good position to rest or even a good spot where he can park his rolling store.

Taking pity on the vendor, netizen Nhel Mindoon decided to watch over his store for a while, to ensure that no one would get some goods while he is sleep or, worse, take his sales for the day!

Habang natutulog si tatay bantayan ko muna paninda niya baka may dumaan may kumuha ng ibang items . Sa sobrang pagod niya sa init ng araw mas pinili niyang matulog ng nkaupo 😓 nakakalungkot makita 😥,” Mindoon wrote.

Photo credit: Nhel Mindoon / Facebook

The post would go viral, with many people commenting that the old man deserves to be helped by civic-oriented shows like “Raffy Tulfo in Action” and “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho”. Many netizens also urged others to buy from vendors like this old man, knowing that they are working hard to feed their families.

Some commented that buying from malls might be nicer and more convenient but buying from street vendors means you might be helping a family have a good dinner for the day. Other netizens shared that they often see this old man in Taguig area.

It would certainly be nice if someone could give this old man a better spot to sell his goods instead of him needing to go around the city to earn money. And others added that this old man is truly admirable because even if he is tired, he does not give up and continues selling every day for his family… Kudos, Tatay!

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