From Scavenger to Champion, Netizens Wowed by Lyca Gairanod’s Amazing Transformation


Lyca Gairanod’s Amazing Transformation
As a new year begins, a lot of netizens are fond of posting photos for the “10-year challenge” wherein they show the differences in their appearance between the current year and their younger self a decade ago. Of course, the photos often show a lot of difference, particularly for someone who was still a kid in the first year.
Photo credit: Lyca Gairanod / Instagram

But there are impressive transformations that truly attract netizens’ attention. One of these is the amazing transformation of Lyca Gairanod from a young scavenger who sings in the neighborhood for some money to a gorgeous champion! Who would have thought that these two photos are of the same girl, huh?

Participating in the “glow up” challenge, Lyca shared photos from her past self as that poor scavenger girl who would collect trash and sing around their neighborhood in Tanza, Cavite, for some coins. She helped her parents earn a living by collecting trash but she was known in the neighborhood as the scavenger girl with an amazing voice.

Lyca had her big break when she heard about the auditions for “The Voice Kids” in 2014. It was the first season for the Philippine reality singing competition. The young girl impressed Coach Sarah Geronimo. Her audition was just a one-chair turner but her rendition of “Halik” caught Coach Sarah’s attention.

The young girl touched netizens’ hearts with her story but they were also amazed by his singing prowess. In the Battle Round, she won against two other budding artists to advance to the Sing-Offs where she won another round for singing a heartfelt rendition of “Dance with My Father” in Tagalog.

She advances to the Live Shows where the public continually voted to keep her ‘safe’ from elimination. She went on to become the show’s first Grand Champion, receiving a brand-new house and lot, Php1 million cash, and a new appliance showcase. This changed the life of the young scavenger who would also earn more in shows and guestings.

Today, this beautiful young girl wowed netizens with her amazing transformation and shows the world that everyone can reach for their dreams, no matter how hard these might be…


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