Grade 3 Pinoy Student Wins Two Gold Medals in International Math Competition in Vietnam


He’s just 8 years old but a Grade 3 Pinoy kid from Laguna, Philippines is already making waves in the international community as he wins two golds and a trophy in Singa, an international math competition recently held in Vietnam.

A student in Grade 3 at Lopez Elementary School in Los Baños, Laguna, Zac Harvey Gordula competed in the 2019 Singapore Math Global Team Competition, known simply as 2019 Singa, held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

International competition with ambitious and important goals, Singa “focuses on very strong teamwork and high-levels of collaboration, stamina, and mutual support and superlative math skills.”

Photo credit: Cherille Zaira Sison Gordula / Facebook

Zac bagged two gold medals after scoring big in the individual and team categories of the 2019 Singa Competition held from November 22 to 26. In the individual contest for the Grade 3 level, Zac got the highest score to win the gold medal.

Then, he participated in team round middle division, together with two other math wizards from Indonesia and Vietnam. The team won the gold medal in the global math challenge, giving Zac a total of two gold medals to bring back home.

The young student would also bring home a trophy after emerging as overall runner-up among Grade 3 students who joined the competition. Aside from the medals and trophy, Zac also received certificates that detailed out his impressive achievements in the global math competition.

Photo credit: Cherille Zaira Sison Gordula / Facebook

Proud of her son’s achievements, mom Cherille Zaira Gordula shared his photos on her Facebook account even as she praises her son’s teachers and coaches for helping the boy reach this achievement.

But this young kid is truly impressive. According to the report by the Philippine Information Agency, this is not the first time that Zac won in an international competition. He also brought home the gold in the math olympiad contest plus two bronze awards in the math warriors and mind sports contests of the 5th Singapore International Math Olympiad Challenge held in Singapore last July.


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