Talented Guy Making Impressive Money Banks with Miniature House Design Goes Viral

Guy Goes Viral for Making Impressive Money Banks with Miniature House Design

Edgar Lopez Celis went viral for making impressive money banks with miniature house designs – and netizens were even more amazed to learn that he was able to do this despite having a disability.

Living in Purok Don Juan, Brgy. Kenram, Sultan Kudarat, Manong Edgar is well known for the impressive miniature houses that he makes. Despite having a disability, he is able to find a way to earn a living without having to ask help from others.

Netizens were greatly impressed by his perseverance.

First shared by Baby Princess Lila Gamboa, photos of Manong Edgar’s work would quickly take social media by storm. A lot of netizens wished that he lived near their homes so they could buy the miniature houses.

After all, the little structures are not just great for display at home, they also serve with a double purpose as money banks. These cute little homes create a nice disguise for your money bank that you can keep in the open without anyone knowing, hopefully…

Of course, now that a lot of people knew that these little homes are money banks, perhaps it is no longer a good idea to keep your money inside.

What’s so impressive about Manong Edgar’s work is that he truly puts great care in adding details to the homes. The intricately designed houses have features similar to real homes!

Manong Edgar makes houses of all sizes and designs, ranging from 1-story buildings to more complicated little houses with two or three floors! He even made a cute replica of the ziggurat. Many of the little houses actually have second floors, with elaborate stairs that lead to a lovely porch.

Moreover, Manong Edgar paints his creations with little murals that depict nature. His creations are truly impressive! If only he lives nearby, I’d buy of a lot of these little homes…

Photo credit: Baby Princess Lila Gamboa / Facebook

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