Old Couple Forgotten by Their Children, Now Living in Patched-Up Tent at Vacant Lot


An old couple recently went viral for living in a patched-up tent at a vacant lot, often going for days without food because their children had forgotten them.

Our parents care for us when we were little children, making sure that we grow up well and healthy. They prepare us for our future by sending us to school, even if they had little money.

Many would sacrifice their own comfort and would rather go hungry than seeing their children suffer.

Photo credit: Archie Hilario / YouTube

Sadly, a lot of children do not understand the sacrifices that their parents made when they were young.

As they now live happy lives with their new friends and have a new family, many forget to honor and help their parents.

And while it’s true that our children should not be our retirement plan, it is still the duty of the children to make sure that their parents are safe and cared for in their old age!

Photo credit: Archie Hilario / YouTube

In a post by Energy FM Kalibo anchor Archie Hilario on YouTube, the old couple could be seen in their little tent.

They expressed sadness over the situation and how their two daughters now live in Manila.

According to the old lady, they haven’t heard anything from their two children; only their son is supporting them from time to time.

However, because their son has a family of his own and they actually live at his employer’s house, he could not take his parents there.

The old folks have resorted to living in their small tent.

Photo credit: Archie Hilario / YouTube

When asked by Hilario whether they would accept their offer of building them a house at that lot, the old couple admitted that they could not do that because they don’t own the property.

Photo credit: Archie Hilario / YouTube

Watch their sad story here:

After their story went viral, kindhearted netizens and the radio station helped to give them a simple house plus some groceries and other needs.

Here’s the update to their story:


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