Kenyan Woman Finds Childhood Friend Going Crazy & Living in the Streets, Saves His Life

Kenyan Woman Finds Childhood Friend Going Crazy & Living in the Streets, Saves His Life

Too often, many of us are indifferent of the people around us, particularly the people living in the streets whom we often ignore because we don’t know them, anyway.

Plus, many think that these people live in the streets because they are lazy.

But one Kenyan woman went viral for showing compassion to a childhood friend she saw living in the streets.

He didn’t even recognize her, and he looks like he does not have any hope left in his life.

She could have left him there in the streets and get on with her life, but this young woman chose to act and help save a life.

This is the story of Patrick Hinga, a Kenyan man who suffered through addiction and mental problems that even his mother didn’t know what to do with him.

He was in and out of rehab but would often run away because he said he wasn’t crazy.

He thinks he isn’t but once he’s out, he would run around the neighborhood with no clothes on.

He lived in the streets; though on sober moments he wished he had a better life.

One day, a former classmate Wanja Mwaura saw him in the streets and took pity on his condition.

Though he barely recognized her, she began talking to him and encouraged him to change his life.

Then, she began to raise funds for his rehab, personally vouching for him. Through social media, she helped him start his own business, “Hinga’s Store”.

It was all the encouragement he needed. He didn’t escape from rehab.

He did his best to change his life – and he did! Little by little his appearance changed.

From a homeless guy with wild eyes, Hinga would soon look great. He regained his confidence, all thanks to Mwaura.

His transformation is amazing – and that’s all thanks to one friend who believed there’s still good left in him and saved his life


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