Guy Goes Viral for Carrying Old Parents in Basket for 7 Days to Seek Refuge in Bangladesh


Guy Goes Viral for Carrying Old Parents in Basket for 7 Days to Seek Refuge in Bangladesh

During the days when the situation was difficult in Burma, now Myanmar, there is this young man who earned admiration for making sure he would bring his parents he fled the country. Because they could not walk, he carried them both as he walked 7 days to his destination, Bangladesh!

While Myanmar is now a relatively safe country to visit, there remain areas that are restricted to tourists and travelers due to ongoing civil war and unrest.

But back in the day, the country was torn by protests and wars. Many people fled to neighboring countries of Bangladesh, Thailand, Laos, India, and China, in hopes that they could find peace and a new life. Many even took to living in the streets of these neighboring countries, but that felt so much better than being constantly scared that you’d wake up with all your family gone.

This young man also wanted to flee to Bangladesh. At his age and with his physique, he could have easily done it much quicker, but it took him 7 days to walk to the border because he made sure to bring his parents.

Guy Goes Viral for Carrying Old Parents

Photo credit: Sanjeev Kumar / Live to Inspire

His old folks could not walk, most likely due to old age and various medical conditions. So, this young man created a basket that let him carry them both. It was hard work for him, but he did not mind because he loved his parents so much and could not bear to be apart from them.

Of course, some might argue that they are already old and he would lose them soon, anyway, but such an argument did not matter to the young man. What is important is that he did not just save himself, he also saved his parents. His conscience could rest clear knowing that no matter what happens, he did his best to make sure they are alive.

Several netizens commented that it is easy for people these days to leave their parents in nursing homes and senior communities, but this young man sacrificed his own comfort and ease to make sure his parents are safe. Kudos!

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