Gamer "ChoOx" Goes Viral for “Stars for a Cause” Donation Drive for Earthquake Victims in Mindanao

Gamer "ChoOx" Goes Viral for “Stars for a Cause” Donation Drive for Earthquake Victims in Mindanao

Did you know that there’s actually money in gaming and using social media? A lot of people have no idea that gamers and other content creators are earning a lot of money on Facebook and other social media platforms, just by creating live stream videos or other sorts of content.

Recently, one gamer went viral for his “Stars for a Cause” donation drive for the earthquake victims in Mindanao. What’s so impressive is that on the first day alone, he got nearly Php70k! How did he do that?

Photo credit: Tian Jaena Eii / Facebook

In the wake of the recent earthquakes that damaged a lot of areas in Mindanao, gamer CHoOx TV announced to his fans and followers that he would donate all the ‘stars’ he would receive for 7 days to the people affected by the natural calamity.

Amazed by his initiative, hundreds of his fans answered his call. Many would send him so many stars that on the first day, he was able to collect $1371.50 (Php69,137).

Photo credit: CHoOx TV / Facebook

To prove that he’s not just doing this for the likes and to scam his followers, the gamer then proceeded to buy boxes of relief goods that he and several volunteers packed for distribution to the affected areas.

Seeing that his donation drive is for real, fans continued to support CHoOx TV. On the second day, he received $725.13 (Php36,611). On the third day, it rose to $1039.32 (Php52,485).

Photo credit: CHoOx TV / Facebook

The gamer and his fans are hoping to raise more money for the donation drive, so that more people will be reached.

So far, CHoOx TV and his team of volunteers worked tirelessly to buy various items that would be of use to the quake-hit people, including food items like rice, canned goods, instant noodles, and bottles of water.

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