Double ‘Veil’ Clouds Over Majestic Mayon Volcano Wow Netizens

Double ‘Veil’ Clouds Over Majestic Mayon Volcano Wow Netizens

Photos of the double ‘veil’ clouds over the majestic Mayon Volcano wowed netizens who were quite amazed at how beautiful the volcano looked with the ‘veil’. The double ‘veil’ is actually created by lenticular clouds, but many people simply want to think that this is simply another beautiful moment wherein the legendary lovers Magayon and Panganoron are embracing each other…

Many related this to the legend, saying that Magayon is surely getting ready for her wedding!

The myth of the creation of the majestic Mayon Volcano centers on the story of two star-crossed lovers who would forever become parts of nature as the volcano and the clouds that surround her.

In this legend, the beautiful Magayon is the daughter of the village chief in a place called Ibalon. Magayon is so beautiful that her fame spread across the land, leading many suitors to visit their place and ask her hand in marriage.

One of these suitors is Pagtuga. However, even if he is a warrior and the chief of Iraga, Magayon refused his offer because she didn’t love him.

One day, while bathing in the river, Magayon slipped and nearly lost her life. But she was saved by Panganoron (meaning ‘cloud’). The two would eventually fall in love. Magayon’s dad, tribe chief Makusog, was glad to see his daughter happy with Panganoron. He gave them his blessing as they wished to get married.

Hearing about the wedding, Pagtuga rushed to the village and took Makusog. He would only spare his life is Magayon would marry him. So, the young lady agreed. When Panganoron tried to save her, the two lovers perished.

A grieving Makusog buried them side by side. As time went by, a mountain grew on the spot where the two lovers were laid to rest. This would later be called as Darangang Mayon and will be known across the world as the Mayon Volcano. What amazed a lot of people is that the beautiful mountain is often ‘hugged’ by a veil of clouds. They believe this is Panganoron, forever hugging his beautiful bride…

Real or not, the myth tells a beautiful story – and might actually be proven as true by the constant presence of Panganoron over Darangang Mayon. Sweet, isn’t it?

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