This Teen Completes Her PhD at 19 years old


At 19 years old, Naina Jaiswal loves to have fun just like other girls. In fact, she also enjoys playing sports, doing art, and making great music on the piano. But while the other girls are busy with TikTok and Facebook, Naina completes her Ph.D. even before she reached 20!

This impressive young lady grew up in a very supportive family and was homeschooled by her parents.

Believing they could best provide her an education that isn’t based on the so-called ‘age-appropriate’ learning, Naina’s parents became her first teachers. Judging by how well-rounded and brilliant she turned out to be, it was clear that her parents did an excellent job in mentoring this young woman.

A cut above the rest, Naina spent 5 years being homeschool by her mother before her dad took over the reins after leaving a lucrative job of running a school. For Naina’s parents, the young girl and her education mattered more than anything else in the world.

The young woman who hails from Hyderabad, India, was just 8 years old when she completed Class 10 (equivalent to high school).

Photo credit: The Youth India

And while many people believe she’s stuck in her books and spending hours studying in the library, this brilliant young lady actually spends a lot of time playing sports or doing music as well! What’s impressive is that she’s excelling in her academics while also managing to juggle sports training and contests with her busy schedule.

The result is that this young woman is going to represent India in table tennis at the 2020 Olympics! Now, isn’t that impressive?

But what truly earned her the admiration of netizens is that she was able to complete her Ph.D. at 19.

After completing Class 10 where she got great grades, Naina proceeded to enroll in college and become a journalist.

At just 13 years old, Naina would be the youngest journalism graduate in the country. By the time she turned 16, she was already complete with her Master’s Degree and was quite ready to go to the next level, Ph.D. Amazingly, she successfully completed her Ph.D. at 19.

Students from many parts of the world are still starting out as college freshies at that age, yet Naina has already completed her Ph.D. – and that’s while also training for the 2020 Olympics! What an admirable young woman.


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