Doctor Parents Share Pride as All Three Children are Physician Board Exam Topnotchers


It’s awesome enough to have one topnotcher in the family, but if all your kids are topnotchers in no less than the Physician Board Exams, then you’ll surely be one of the proudest parents in the world!

Dad Eric Peralta proudly shared the achievements of his three children, all of whom are topnotchers in the Physician Board Exams.

The most recent of the topnotchers is Federico Adriano Peralta IV, the youngest child in the family of doctors. He topped the 2019 Physician Licensure Examination with a score of 90.92%.

Photo credit: Eric Peralta / Facebook - News5

But years before Federico achieved this impressive feat, his elder sisters also topped in the same board exam. Though their choice of becoming doctors does not come as a surprise for their family and friends because both their parents are also doctors. Dr. Eric is an anesthesiologist while his wife is an OB-GYNE.

With the advice and guidance from their parents, all three siblings chose the same pre-med course: BS Medical Technology. All siblings also graduated with flying colors from both their MedTech course and Medicine.

Photo credit: Eric Peralta / Facebook - News5

On his Facebook post, their dad shared his children’s achievements with much pride and happiness.

The road Ana and I traveled as parents to these three has been long and bumpy. At this point, we can securely rest on the belief that their wings are already strong enough to make it excellently on their own,” Dr. Eric wrote.
 In a few days from now we will be filling our small treasure chest with our 10th and last real gold! This is the only kind of treasure that we have and what we have ever dreamed of.

He would also post details of his children’s achievements.

Photo credit: Eric Peralta / Facebook - News5

Ana Bianca (the eldest) graduated cum laude from her MedTech course while both Ana Eryka (middle child) and Federico (youngest) finished as magna cum laude. Meanwhile, both sisters finished Medicine as magna cum laude while Federico graduated as summa cum laude and batch valedictorian.

For the Physician Board Exams, Ana Bianca ranked Top 6 in 2015, Ana Eryka ranked Top 5 in 2017, and Federico ranked Top 1 in 2019. Truly an impressive achievement for the entire family! Congratulations to you all…


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