Sick Guy Heading to GMA7 to Ask for Financial Assistance Gets Enough from Kind Passengers


He was actually on his way to GMA7 to ask for financial assistance for his illness but after the MRT passengers heard about his situation, they passed the hat and gathered enough money to send him back on the train back to the hospital – and that’s with extra cash for food and fare!

Faith in humanity restored, indeed!

According to ÅcdhiRr Ailnv Diaz, many train passengers noticed this sick guy’s entrance to their carriage because he was wheeled in by the security guard. He appeared so frail and visibly in pain as the train moved, leading the guy in a grey polo shirt to ask him about his situation.

He came from Manila Doctors Hospital but he needed more money for treatment. With nowhere else to go to, he decided to seek help from GMA7 for his medical needs.

Photo credit: ÅcdhiRr Ailnv Diaz / Facebook

Diaz wrote on his Facebook account after describing the sick passenger:

With him are his medical documents including one from Malacañan.  
The guy in gray was curious about his condition as he felt pain when the train started moving, shaking. In a weak voice he was apologetic thinking he was causing an odd scene, or causing discomfort by his presence. Everyone in this part of the train carriage heard their conversation and started pitching in. P100 + P100 + P100... Before we reached the next station he had enough money for the lab test he needed, plus food and fare. The guys at the back called for a guard for assistance so he could go back to MaDocs. 
Other than the inconvenience of passengers rushing into the carriage before he could alight, I say kindness is not lost.

The beautiful story touched so many people who prayed for this guy’s healing and thanked the kind people on the train that day. The young didn’t have to go to GMA7 to ask for money for his treatment that day because these kind people opened their pockets for him; even though he didn’t even ask!

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