Nyakim Gatwech Dubbed as “Queen of the Dark” was Told by Uber Driver to Bleach Skin

Nyakim Gatwech Dubbed as “Queen of the Dark”
With her skin so dark it is like charcoal, a woman from South Sudan had been told to bleach her skin to be whiter as she now lives in the United States, but she broke the beauty standards and would soon become dubbed as the “Queen of the Dark”.

Nyakim Gatwech once shared the story of how an Uber driver suggested that she bleach her skin because it was too black. While many dark-skinned people have dark brown skin color, hers is more black than brown.

Nyakim Gatwech

But for Nyakim, her skin color is a part of her – and there’s nothing wrong with it being black! She’s right, of course!

Instead of following the Uber driver’s suggestion or even getting angry at the remark, the 24-year-old young lady had a happy reply to his unsolicited advice.

It will be hard for you to believe the kind of question and looks I get for having this skin,” Nyakim laughingly replied.

Photos by @queenkim_nyakim / Twitter

While the reply didn’t seem to be so profound, Nyakim was actually referring to the many modeling offers she was able to receive, thanks to her beautiful dark skin.

Photos by @queenkim_nyakim / Twitter

A fashion icon now based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Nyakim did not just break the beauty barriers in the fashion industry, she has also made a name for herself in being an advocate for diversity. She has earned the moniker “Queen of the Dark” in a positive way and continues to encourage people to love the skin they are in.

Photos by @queenkim_nyakim / Twitter

My chocolate skin is elegant, so is what I represent…..A nation filled with warriors,” Nyakim bravely announced.

I am a masterpiece embodying Beauty and Grace, learning confidently to appreciate the gifts nature gave me,” she wrote in another post.

What an inspiration! Photos by @queenkim_nyakim / Twitter

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