Netizen Complains about ‘Estimated’ Meralco Bill, Electric Company Promises Adjustment

Netizen Complains about ‘Estimated’ Meralco Bill, Electric Company Promises Adjustment

After discovering that their Meralco bill was just ‘estimated’ by the meter reader, one netizen shared her story on Facebook for awareness – and it quickly went viral! It seems that a lot of netizens could relate with her post.

Myren De Chavez Fajardo and her family moved to a new home last April. Since it was hot in that summer month, they often had to use the aircon. Their bill was around Php3,500 at the time. She was a bit puzzled because their usual bill at their previous house was around Php2,800 even if they use the aircon all the time.

The next billing period, they still got a bill of nearly Php3,500 even if they did not use the aircon for around 4 days. She figured they must have used the other appliances more at this time; though she pointed out they didn’t even have a fridge.

As the rainy season began, they didn’t use the aircon for over 2 weeks. She expected the bill to significantly go down, but was shocked to see it was nearly Php3,300! Just Php200 difference even if they didn’t use aircon for 2 weeks?

 ‘Estimated’ Meralco Bill, Electric Company Promises Adjustment

Photo credit: Myren De Chavez Fajardo / Facebook

She hired an electrician to check whether something was wrong with the meter, but though it was a bit dirty, the numbers are still easily visible. There was also nothing wrong with the device and they only wiped it a bit to make the glass clean again. The number on the meter reading didn’t match the one on her bill.

So, she called up Meralco to complain about the matter and was told that the electrician must have ‘estimated’ the numbers but assured her this was the first time it happened! They also assured her the amount will be adjusted on her next bill.

Nagbigay na po ng bagong billing si Meralco, nagread sila ng bago, 2900 daw mag aadjust nalang din daw sa next billing kung may mga adjustment. Mabilis naman action nila, 1 week lang.
 May bumisita nadin sa bahay para icheck ang metro, at confirm na walang problem ang metro, pinunasan lang nila at ayun sobrang linaw na. Nagtataka din daw sila kung bakit hnd nabasa ng reader, kahit nakatayo ka lang sa gate nababasa naman.
 Again, kaya ko po ito pinost ay para, kagaya ko, malaman ng tao na may chances pala na nag eestimate lang si Meralco. Personally kasi sa paniniwala ko, pandadaya ang singilin ka sa hindi mo naman ginamit. Sabi ko nga sknila, papayag ba kayo bibili kayo ng 5kilong bigas tapos hindi kikiluhin, pero pagbabayadin ka para sa presyo ng 5kilo.
 Nagulat din po ako na nagviral ang post ko, siguro dahil marami nakakarelate. I hope nakatulong ako kahit papano just by informing you. Thank you.

So, the next time you receive your bill, it’s best to check whether the numbers are close to the meter reading!

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