This Woman Sells Delicious Php5 Viands in Bulacan


nanat mel sells 5php viand
What can you buy with Php5 these days?

Many people would laugh at the idea that Php5 could actually buy food that you could have for lunch, but in Meycauayan, Bulacan, you can already have a delicious viand with that amount! Can you believe that?

nanay mel

Photo credit: Julius Babao / Facebook

It’s really hard to believe that a viand could be bought for just Php5 these days, but at the small store of Nanay Mel in Meycauayan, you can enjoy yummy food for just that amount – and rice is also at Php5!

Making sure that you can eat her food on the go, the rice already comes in packs that you can easily bring. There are a lot of choices for you to enjoy, including Pinoy favorites such as bopis, menudo, ham, and Tinolang Manok.

Photo credit: Julius Babao / Facebook

Nanay Mel also offers other menu options, such as kare-kare, still at Php5. With just Php10, you can already enjoy rice and viand, with the option to take your food out to your school or workplace.

Then, you can also enjoy ‘Chao fan’ fried rice, at the same price – and that is already fried rice placed inside a cup, with some bits of hotdog as toppings.

Photo credit: Julius Babao / Facebook

What’s impressive is that this wonderful lady also sells other food for just Php1. Indulge your palate without hurting your wallet with the Php1 food options at Nanay Mel’s store, including cheese sticks, hotdogs, kikiam, and kwek-kwek.

There’s even siomai at 3 pcs for just Php10! In the past she even makes siomai that cost just Php2 but she already had a lot of things to do; thus, she only makes the bigger ones these days but these still come at really affordable prices.

Photo credit: Julius Babao / Facebook

Featured on the show by Julius Babao, Nanay Mel was asked why she sells food at this low price. Her reply touched many hearts as she explained that even though she’s poor, she doesn’t want to profit on others; instead, she also wants to help and make sure that even poor kids with Php5 ‘baon’ could still have delicious food for lunch!

Watch this admirable old lady’s story here:


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