Touching Photo of Homeless Mom Playing with Her Son Will Melt your Heart

Netizen Shares Touching Photo of Homeless Mom Playing with Her Son at Sidewalk
Life is unfair, many might say. But it really is up to you to find happiness no matter the situation you might be in.

This was proven by a mother and her child who might just be living in the streets yet they were able to find a moment of happiness as they played at the sidewalk. They don’t have a home – and they most likely don’t know whether they might have dinner that night, yet they were able to find something to be happy about despite their situation.

Ameniel Del Mundo was just driving through on Airport Road under the NAIA Expressway in ParaƱaque when he got stuck in traffic. Grumbling in his car and feeling stressed out by some issues with his business, he was feeling rather angry.

Touching Photo of Homeless Mom Playing with Her Son at Sidewalk
Photo credit: Ameniel Del Mundo / Facebook

But he chanced upon the mother and her child who were happily playing at the sidewalk. He lives a comfortable life, has a car and a home, but he was feeling sad and angry in his vehicle while he was stuck in traffic. In contrast, the mother and her child live in the streets, certainly don’t have a vehicle, and are living a difficult life, yet they found a happy moment in their difficult situation.

The touching moment changed Del Mundo’s mood and he quickly snapped a photo to share on social media.
“Proof that happiness is a choice.”

The photo quickly went viral, touching a lot of netizens’ hearts. Many expressed willingness to help the family and, perhaps, sponsor some meals and give them some items they might need.

But Del Mundo was not able to find them when he went back to the spot.

This mother and her son were found playing in the middle of heavy traffic at the tramo-airport road on Tuesday. Amidst poverty and without any material things, the mother and her son remains to be happy and content and could be seen playing around. This game is a popular way within filipino families to entertain their kids.
 For those who wanted to help, we are still looking for them since yesterday, as we cant find the family. Will update as soon as we find them.

While most netizens were touched by the photo, there were also those who slammed the mother for giving birth to that kid when she can’t even provide him a decent home.
Mag-aanak tapos di man lang mabigyan ng maayos na buhay. Pwe!” one netizen wrote. At the end of the day, that happiness won't feed them,” another wrote. Lol You seriously think that this is a picture of happiness and contentment? Only those who are privileged and rich would label this as being happy and contented,” yet another netizen commented.

But like Del Mundo, others saw the positive moment in the touching photo.

Proof that happiness is being with the people you love and not just having the material things in life,” Chris Jay Cee wrote.


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