Guy Fills Up Two Huge Boxes with Discarded Cigarettes from Beach

Guy Fills Up Two Huge Boxes
“The Planet is Not an Ashtray”

A lot of people claim that they care for the environment but do not really do something about it or act about anything that they see around them. Sadly, many of these people are so loud at complaining about global warming, dirty streets, and the loss of many sea creatures or birds due to pollution yet are also the ones who carelessly throw their trash around!

Recently, one guy went viral after he filled up two huge plastic boxes with discarded cigarettes from a beach!

The guy remained unnamed in the photo, with the picture also not clearly showing when and where the cleanup happened, whether the discarded cigarettes actually came from that one beach or he’d been collecting them for weeks (or months), and what he did with the trash afterward.

But the message is clear on this one: the planet Earth is definitely not an ashtray! With that many discarded cigarettes picked up by this guy, it made a lot of people wonder whether we still care about the Earth.

Guy Fills Up Two Huge Boxes with Discarded Cigarettes from Beach

Photo credit: Make Earth Great Again #MEGA / Facebook

Perhaps many people believe that their small actions don’t really matter and won’t have an impact on the environment. After all, what’s the size of one small used up stick of cigarette, anyway? It’s just the filter left – surely that might be biodegradable already, huh?

But as the post on Facebook page Make Earth Great Again #MEGA, one small piece of discarded really makes a big difference – and that’s in a rather negative way…

Not everyone was happy with the post, however. There were those who were skeptical that the guy actually picked up all those cigarette sticks, saying that he would have looked more tanned if he had done that. Others joked that he smoked all those sticks.

But more were thankful to the guy, saying that it was awesome to see someone who genuinely cares for the environment…


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