Young Girl Who Goes to School with Elaborate Hairstyles Goes Viral

Kid Who Goes to School with Elaborate Hair Styles
For many parents, getting the kids up and ready for school is a daily task that can be quite challenging. Many kids are difficult to wake up and they take a lot of time going to the bathroom, wearing their uniforms, and eating breakfast.

But netizens are wondering about the morning routine of a young girl who recently went viral for the elaborate hairstyles she wears to school every day. Her teacher was so amazed at how the kid goes to school with a different hairstyle every single day that he decided to document the styles and later post them on his social media account.

The teacher, Alvin S Lopez from Bustos, Bulacan, shared several pictures of the girl’s impressive hairstyles.

According to Lopez, the photos he shared were that of the same kid, with the different hairstyles that she had been sporting since June.

The teacher was quite impressed that the girl would go to school with these beautiful hairstyles. It turned out that the girl’s elder sister was the one responsible for creating the lovely hairstyles for this young girl. Impressive, isn’t it?

Many netizens could not help but admire this young girl’s hairstyles, saying that her sister is really so creative in making these different styles every day.

Others were wondering what time the sisters wake up for them to be able to do this without the girl getting late for school. Perhaps they wake up at 3AM, huh?

Lopez and several netizens expressed that it would be nice if other kids would also have similar hairstyles as this girl; though it would be impossible for many moms to do as most are too busy with a lot of other stuff to prepare aside from fixing their daughters’ hairs in elaborate hairstyles.

Image credits: Alvin S Lopez / Facebook

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