Girl Draws Random ‘Dream Guy’ in Elementary Ends Up Marrying Him in the Future

Girl Draws Random ‘Dream Guy’
It was just a random thing, just two best friends trying to draw their ‘dream guy’, but this would come true for one of the girls as she married the guy whom she sketched all those years ago! Is that destiny?

Ariadne Daluz recently shared the rather cute story on her Facebook page, detailing how she and her best friend Unis were in Grade 6 back in 2005-2006 when they decided to draw their ‘dream guy’, a random guy they have not met yet.

Girl Dream Guy

Photo credit: Ariadne Daluz / Facebook

The rule had been simple: the imaginary crush should be someone they had not met yet. It was just a cute moment between two girls, but something that would actually hold significance in the future when Ariadne actually met the guy in person!

The young lady did not even realize she had met her ‘dream guy’ until her best friend Unis attended her debut and met the guy, Larnille Chua Daluz.

dream guy

Photo credit: Ariadne Daluz / Facebook

Unis and Ariadne had been out of the loop for years after going their separate ways in high school, but upon meeting Larnille, Unis immediately remembered Ariadne’s drawing all those years ago. She was able to find the picture and showed it to Ariadne who was rather surprised that the drawing really bore resemblance to Larnille!

Could this be destiny? Well, for Ariadne, it really is!

Photo credit: Ariadne Daluz / Facebook

While she had drawn her random ‘dream guy’ sometime in 2005 to 2006, she only met Larnille in 2011. But what’s really sweet is that the two would not just meet but also fall in love with each other.

Their sweet love story started with a Grade 6 girl’s random drawing, but it ended in the altar as they married earlier this year! Isn’t that beautiful?

girl marry dream guy

Photo credit: Ariadne Daluz / Facebook

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