LOOK: Impressive Conductor Crawling on Handrails in Overcrowded Bus

Conductor Crawling on Handrails

Overcrowded buses are a common sight in the Philippines, particularly provincial buses which are among the best modes of transportation for those living in far-flung places who work in the city.

Since the conductors are responsible for making sure that everyone riding the bus pays the right fare before they get off the vehicle, they also have the difficult task of going through the bus to issue tickets and collect the payments.

Photo credit: Facebook / Rene Rivera

In one overcrowded bus, a conductor went viral for his impressive way of making sure he does his job well even on a full-packed bus. Instead of pushing his way through the overcrowded bus, this impressive conductor climbed on the seats and crawled on the handrails a la Spiderman! LOL.

A lot of netizens could not help but express amusement that this bus conductor was able to do this, especially because the feat is no easy thing to do! Many netizens noted that he is lucky he has a lithe, fit body that he was able to keep himself up to those handrails and crawl his way across the bus! Not everyone could do that, definitely!

Photo credit: Facebook / Rene Rivera

A passenger in this overpacked bus, Rene Rivera snapped some photos of the amazing Spiderman conductor, captioning the photo:

Ganito na pala uso ngayon condoctor ng bus habang naniningil dahil sa dami ng pasahero #spiderman.

Several netizens had a good laugh over the conductor’s position as he crawled on the railings. Many said that though he looks like Spiderman in that bus, he could have easily fallen off if the driver suddenly brakes. Others said that he could easily hit the passengers if he falls off, but others defended the conductor saying that he was surely just finding a way to do his job.

Photo credit: Facebook / Rene Rivera

If you were this bus conductor, would also crawl your way across the bus on those handrails?

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