Three Guys Jokingly Bring Printout Photos of Friends Didn’t Join Their Trip

Three Guys Jokingly Bring Printout Photos of Friends Didn’t Join Their Trip
It is really a sad fact that many people today are so busy with their lives that they could no longer spend time taking a vacation with their friends to unwind once in a while.

What’s rather ironic is that most people dream of taking a vacation with friends, even planning to have one in their group chat, yet most of these plans end up as ‘drawing’ because they never come true.

A group comprised of 21 friends recently planned for a trip to Batanes, one of the most beautiful places to visit in the Philippines. The rolling landscape and miles of uninhabited space make one think that Batanes could be someplace outside the Philippines, looking more similar to New Zealand than other islands in the country.

Photo credit: Jaie Principe Pimentel / Facebook

But just like many groups, many people agreed to the plan and confirmed that they would join the trip, yet only three ended up actually taking the vacation to Batanes!

Three out of twenty-one? It’s a rather sad number, but the three who actually went had a surprise for their friends as they took printout photos of their friends so they could still ‘join’ the trip even just in photos. LOL.

Netizens had a good laugh after Jaie Principe Pimentel posted a photo taken in Batanes, with the following caption:
Yung andami nyong nagplano at nag confirm sa lakad pero tatlo lang ang tumuloy #friendshipgoals #batanes #morefuninthephilippines

A lot of people could easily relate with the post, leading many to tag their friends and jokingly saying they would do this in future trips. Many also tagged their friends to tell them they should really push through with their planned vacations to achieve their friendship goals instead of resorting to this hilarious but sad photo…

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