5 Simple Selfie Tricks to Make Yourself Look Great in Photos

5 Simple Selfie Tricks to Make Yourself Look Great in Photos
In the era of camera phones, taking pictures is not as difficult as it used to. You can even take hundreds and thousands of photos if you like and thanks to technology, we all now have the ability to share these memoirs with our friends and loved ones through social media.

But of course, anyone would want to make sure they look great in those photos. If you want to learn the tricks, here’s how.

1. Find a spot where there is sufficient lighting.

In photography, lighting is an essential element. It can make a huge difference in how your picture would look. So look for an ideal setting where you can face the light source. If you can head outside so you can get a natural glow from the sun, it will be much better.

2. Look your best.

For women, it is perfectly fine to have to make up on but make sure not to overdo it. You just have to look natural and hide unwanted spots and redness using a concealer. But don’t mask your face with foundation or your face will look flat. Some blush and tint your lips will do just to add some color to your face.

3. Refresh your hair.

Before you have the picture taken, give your hair a quick touch of volume or spray some dry shampoo just so it won’t look flat and boring.

4. Turn to the right.

A study has found that when taking pictures, people should be turning to their right to show the left side of their faces. According to that study, the left side of our faces is more appealing because they show a deeper sense of emotion.

5. Do what you do best.

Surely enough, you have at least one or two photos of yourself so what you need to do is just to replicate it. Study it and remember how you did it.

So now you know what to do the next time you have some photo sessions.

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