Man Praying Outside Closed Church Gates Goes Viral

Man Praying Outside Closed Church Gates Goes Viral
Life is difficult but we should never lose our faith in God. One netizen pointed that out after spotting an old beggar praying outside a church whose gates were closed at the time.

The Man was on his knees, facing the church as he prayed. His position was that of someone who offers his life to the Lord he believes in, showing his big faith in God.

Photo credit: Cassandra Nikkie Nobong / Facebook

It touched Cassandra Nikkie Nobong, a netizen who happened to see him outside the church while on her way to work. Cassandra admitted that she was rather angry that day, feeling that her morning did not start out well.

While preparing to go out to work, she was trying to charge her phone, but the charger would not work. This led Cassandra to feel really angry. Her mood that morning was really bad.

But on her way to work, she saw the beggar and had a change of heart. She knew that this man did not really have a lot of money; in fact, he probably does not have any money! Yet there he was, offering a prayer to God in supplication.

Of course, some netizens pointed out that perhaps the Man was trying to ask a lot of things from God, including food and shelter, that is why he was so serious in praying outside that church. Still, others replied back that it does not matter what he was praying for, whether to ask for something or saying thanks to his blessings; what matters is that he believes in God and puts Him above everything else.

Other netizens pointed out that the church was closed, saying churches should not be closed so that the public could still pray there anytime they needed. But one netizen commented back that the church actually had an entrance/exit at the side that the beggar could have used if he wanted.

Grabee naiiyak ako.. walang wala na sya pero nagagawa nya pa manalangin 💖 All hail to you Almighty Jesus Our Lord,” netizen Paula Genova Verceluz commented.

God bless you, Tatay.


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