Guy Catches Girlfriend with Another Guy after Traveling 2,400km to Surprise Her


They live 2,400km away from each other but managed to keep their live alive – or so one guy thought until he actually traveled to surprise his girlfriend, only to discover that she had been seeing another guy behind his back!

Photo credit: World of Buzz / Vietgaitri

In a heartbreaking moment that was caught on camera by a passerby, the guy arrived where his girlfriend said she was hanging out with friends. Wearing a teddy bear mascot costume, the guy arrived at the spot to surprise the girl but he was the one caught by surprise when he spotted his girl in the arms of another guy.

Photo credit: World of Buzz / Vietgaitri

Unaware that her original boyfriend was watching, the girl waited for the food that she and her other boyfriend ordered. The latter had his arms wrapped around the girl, also not realizing that the girl’s boyfriend was the guy in that teddy bear mascot staring at them.

Photo credit: World of Buzz / Vietgaitri

Heartbroken, the original boyfriend took off the head part of the mascot as he watched his girl getting hugged by this other guy. The two would soon realize that someone was watching them intently.

The girl’s reaction was rather hilarious as she turned away from her new guy and ran to her original boyfriend. But the guy had traveled so far to surprise her and was too heartbroken with what he witnessed that he ran away when she approached.

Photo credit: World of Buzz / Vietgaitri

The girl chased her original boyfriend and tried her best to beg for forgiveness, hugging him tight and most likely professing her love for him. It was unknown whether the guy eventually forgave her, but netizens were hoping he would not fall for her excuses. She doesn’t deserve a guy like him!

Photo credit: World of Buzz / Vietgaitri

As for the other guy, it was also unknown whether he knows that the girl actually have another boyfriend… But everyone is hoping that the guy who traveled 2,400km to surprise her would find a girl who deserves his love!

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