Biology Major Pranks Everyone with Impressive ‘Grade’ Announcement in Grad Photo

Biology Major Pranks Everyone with Impressive ‘Grade’ Announcement in Grad Photo
While the new school year begins in plenty of educational institutions across the Philippines, it’s also graduation season in some that adjusted their schedules to match those implemented by other countries.

Biology Major Pranks Everyone

Rizal Technological University in Mandaluyong, Metro Manila recently held graduation rites. As expected, most (if not all) of the graduates shared their graduation photos on social media. Many posted the graduation photos that were taken for their yearbook while others also shared pictures taken from the graduation ceremony.

One student from the university went viral for his impressive ‘grade’ announcement posted on his graduation photo. It turned out to be a prank.

Jeck Davocol shared his graduation photo just like the others, but he was more creative as he made a poster-like announcement that highlighted 1.00784. The number had a font size larger than the others on the announcement – and it was put in bold to show that it was the highlight of the poster.

This made everyone assume he had a very high general weighted average (GWA). Surely, he graduated summa cum laude or something, huh?

Along with the announcement are details of his school being Rizal Technological University and his course as BS Biology, Major in Biotechnology. Underneath the highlighted number is his complete name: Jerick Paul Davocol Prucia.

But everyone had a good laugh as they continued reading the poster. At the lower right corner was an apparent disclaimer to the number highlighted on the announcement.

Not my GWA, but Hydrogen’s Atomic Mass

Did that prank also get you? LOL. It tricked so many people that the post would soon go viral, reaching over 9.4k shares and more than 19k reactions.

Many netizens were amused over the creative announcement, but a lot still could not get the prank. Several people tagged their friends, saying this guy was ‘so inspiring’ but many did not understand why he was inspiring. LOL.

Photo credit: Jeck Davocol / Facebook

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