Truck Driver Hailed for Impressive Driving Skills after Avoiding Fallen Biker


Truck Driver Hailed for Impressive Driving Skills
When driving, everyone is told to make sure that they are always focused on the road because accidents can happen anytime and anywhere to anyone, even the most careful drivers!

A truck driver was recently hailed as the best driver in the world for his impressive driving skills in avoiding a fallen biker just in the nick of time!

In a video that has quickly gone viral, CCTV footage taken at an unknown intersection shows exactly how a truck driver managed to avoid running over a fallen biker that he would have surely crushed to pulp in just a matter of seconds.

The clip shows that the biker overtook the truck just before the intersection but would later lose control of his vehicle upon reaching the other side. As the biker lost his balance, he slammed to the pavement while his vehicle moved several meters away to the sidewalk.

Quite amazingly, the driver of the truck he overtook was able to quickly swerve towards the other side, so he could avoid the fallen biker. Had he not done so, the biker would have surely been crushed under that heavy truck. It was quite likely that he would have been reduced to pulp underneath those huge, heavy wheels.

It was truly a good thing that the truck driver was alert and had such impressive driving skills to avoid him.

Many netizens are calling him quite lucky to have survived this accident largely unscathed and still with his limbs (and life!) intact. But a lot are also saying the truck driver was also lucky because he would have been charged with reckless imprudence if he had hit the fallen biker.

Others also pointed out that it was also quite lucky that the other lane was empty – because the outcome would have been so much different if the other lane had vehicles! Whew.

Check out this video:


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