Netizen Urges People to Buy from Hardworking Grandpa Selling at Footbridge

With age limits imposed for most jobs in most companies, it really is hard for old people to find a job in the Philippines. In fact, finding a job when you are 40 years old is nearly an impossibility!

For this reason, many old people have to find other ways to earn money such as through selling various goods in the streets or at footbridges and other high-traffic areas.

Recently, netizen Benj Samson shared photos of a smiling old man who was selling some bread at a footbridge outside SM North EDSA. It was clear that this old man was happy with what he was doing, even if that means just earning a few coins per day from the bread he was selling.

Photo credit: Benj Samson / Facebook

Samson urged people to buy from the old man, even if they are not feeling hungry or don’t really need to buy bread. He said that this is a way to help the old man because hardworking and good people like him truly deserve so much more!

Indeed, a lot of people were touched by the post and shared this, making it go viral with more than 43k shares and over 34k reactions.

Several netizens said that they would do their best to buy from this old man if they happen to see him at the overpass, while others promised they would even try to buy all his goods so that this grandpa will be happy and could go home early.

Photo credit: Benj Samson / Facebook

A lot of people commended the old man for still doing his best to earn money at this age, saying that he probably has a family to support. Others said it would be better if he just stayed at home and let his kids do the selling, yet it was possible that he really loves doing this and just selling to pass the time while also earning some money.

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