Netizen Helps Hungry Foreigner Fooled by Gay Who Took His Wallet and Belongings

Netizen Helps Hungry Foreigner Fooled by Gay Who Took His Wallet and Belongings
There are a lot of foreigners visiting or even living in Asia, particularly in the Philippines where their money is worth several times more than what it would have been back at their home countries.

Sadly, many of these foreigners fall in love too easily with the locals, yet a number of these locals are only after them for their money.

Netizen Christine Ibañez shared how she helped a hungry foreigner have some food as he had been loitering for days near a 7-Eleven outlet because he had no money to buy anything.

Christine learned that the foreigner hails from Finland. He met a gay Filipino in Thailand and was so captivated that he followed this person to the Philippines.

He thought they were both in love; however, it turned out that the gay was simply in love with his money.

Photo credit: Christine Ibañez / Facebook

When they arrived in the Philippines, the gay got his wallet and other belongings – and it appeared that this person was even accompanied by his family. Then, the gay and his family left him on his own.

With nothing to eat, the foreigner tried to ask from people going into the 7-Eleven outlet near Makati Palace in Makati, but the security guards would offer make him go away. He had resorted to loitering near the store, in hopes that kind people might give him some cash or food.

Taking pity on the unkempt foreigner, Christine took him inside the 7-Eleven outlet to get him something to eat. But the guards turned them away, even when Christine insisted that she was going to pay for anything that the foreigner would order!

Photo credit: Christine Ibañez / Facebook

Christine felt rather disappointed over the 7-Eleven outlet’s way of handling the situation but hoped that the poor foreigner was able to have his fill of the food she got him.

She was not able to ask for the guy’s name but hopes that he could soon go back home to his country.

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