Hands-Free Milk Tea Challenge Goes Viral

Forget Starbucks. Milk tea is the craze these days – so much that we’re thinking Starbucks just might add a new milk tea option on its menu, huh?

Everyone these days seems to love bringing those milk tea cups around as they go about their daily lives, whether heading off to school or to work. But there’s a new challenge that’s going viral with the milk tea craze: the hands-free milk tea challenge!

So, what’s that all about, anyway?

Basically, you are supposed to drink your milk tea without using your hands. While it might seem like a no-brainer because you could just put the drink on the table and sip away on the straw, this challenge actually makes you put the cup on your chest!


As crazy as it already sounds, the hands-free milk tea challenge has actually gone and there were so many challengers to the game.

Of course, you have already guessed that most of these are women as this would be virtually impossible for any man to do, unless you add a strap or something to the cup so you can hold it in place.

Photo credit: Twitter / @hcupadman

Many women are not so happy with this challenge, however, as the milk tea cup won’t also stay in place on their chest. A lot pointed out that this is a challenge that would only work with women who are generously gifted in the chest department.

The lesser ‘gifted’ ladies were advised to not bother try the challenge as they are just going to spill the drink on their laps.


But many others simply scoffed at the idea, saying that the challengers should remember that the milk tea is cold; surely, the moisture outside the cup would just make their clothes wet. Moreover, spilled drink on their lap isn’t pretty at all.

Photo credit: Definitely Filipino

Others were skeptical about those who did manage to do the challenge, claiming that these girls must have placed something flat to act as platform for the drink before they did the photos. What’s your take on this?

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