LTO Revokes License of Guy Driving from Passenger Seat, Bragging About Traffic Violations

Guy Driving from Passenger Seat

These days, it is actually quite easy to become famous – all you have to do is do something incredibly amazing or utterly stupid, then post a video of the moment for posterity.

But if you really want to be famous, just make sure you are not doing something that breaks some kind of law or you’ll end up regretting your actions and bragging about it on social media!

Recently, a video went viral of a guy driving from the passenger seat of his vehicle. It was taken somewhere in Metro Manila as the driver commented about the traffic situation.

The passenger innocently commented about this guy’s driving, to which the driver replied that he enjoys breaking the law before proceeding to smoke inside the vehicle.

While the driver was not named in the video, he would soon be the subject of a social media hunt on his identity after the Department of Transportation (DOTr) – Philippines posted the clip on the agency’s Facebook page.

Photo credit: Department of Transportation (DOTr) – Philippines / Facebook

The DOTr was serious in the post, vowing to have the guy charged and calling on the Land Transportation Office (LTO) to revoke his license.

The video was originally posted on May 23; it would quickly go viral and reposted by several pages. It turned out that this was not the only video of the same driver doing something that he shouldn’t be doing on the road. Another video reportedly posted on his page shows him driving a vehicle without a steering wheel.

He has already been identified and address was already determined. LTO will charge him for reckless driving, illegal modification (removing the steering wheel), not wearing seatbelt, and improper person to operate a motor vehicle. His license will be revoked, and he will also be disqualified from applying for a driver's license again in the future,” the DOTr announced.

The said driver was identified as a certain Miko Lopez. He has been summoned by the LTO on Wednesday over the violations he was caught doing on video.

Photo credit: Department of Transportation (DOTr) – Philippines / Facebook

This video is clear proof that he is an improper person to operate a vehicle, aside from committing traffic violations,” LTO Executive Director Romeo Vera Cruz said, according to the DOTr.

The DOTr and the LTO urge the public to refrain from copying such unsafe driving practices.

Watch the video of the ‘passenger seat driving’ here:


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