Netizen Takes Pity on GrabFood Driver Who Had to Wear Garbage Bag as Raincoat

Netizen Takes Pity on GrabFood Driver Who Had to Wear Garbage Bag as Raincoat
These days, it is so convenient to order food even from restaurants that don’t offer delivery service – that’s thanks to GrabFood!

But it’s sad that there are many problems hounding the service, particularly customers canceling their orders.

Recently, another problem that GrabFood driver face was revealed by netizen Justine Estrada Portillo who posted a picture of one wearing a garbage bag as raincoat because it was raining heavily but he had to deliver his customer’s order.

Portillo said that she feels bad for GrabFood drivers because they still have to serve their customers no matter what the weather might be. She said that she saw this GrabFood driver ask for a trash bag from the staff of Serenitea somewhere in Quezon City, Philippines.

The weather was so bad that this driver had to do this or risk having another customer cancel the milk tea order.

Photo credit: Justine Estrada Portillo / Facebook

Portillo called on other netizens to stop ordering food from these GrabFood drivers when the weather is bad so they won’t have to go through this. However, the suggestion did not sit well with many.

A lot of netizens said that it was better to urge Grab to provide raincoats for the drivers than to prevent customers from ordering food because doing the latter would mean loss of income for these drivers during rainy season.

Many also said that Grab should give priority to the drivers because that’s where they are getting their income. While other people commented that services like GrabFood are just making people lazier and should be discontinued.

A number of netizens suggested that if Grab could not provide raincoats for the riders, those who took pity on this guy should help pitch in to give him one so that he could have one to use the next time it rains again.

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