Grab Food Driver with Prosthetic Leg Goes Viral

Grab Food Driver with Prosthetic Leg Goes Viral
In life, we often have a lot to complain about, a lot of things we don’t like about ourselves and our situations, a lot of things about other people and how they treat us, etc.

And we often see so many people with complete limbs and healthy bodies who just don’t want to find a job for various reasons, including how tired they are and how they feel so under-appreciated in their work.

But one Grab Food driver recently went viral after a photo of him was shared on Facebook by a number of pages, including Liliw Laguna as well as James Deakin.

If u think u r having a hard time, look at this warrior.. as long u r still alive, make urself worthy.. u don have to be a millionaire, u juz need a healthy body with no sickness attached.. kudos to this warrior…” Liliw Laguna wrote.

Photo credit: James Deakin / Liliw Laguna - Facebook

But the photo went viral more on James Deakin’s page, with many people commenting how amazing it was that this guy with a prosthetic leg would work so hard when there are so many who have complete limbs yet are always complaining about life.

Many also pointed out that the food pack on his back was certainly so heavy, especially because he was using a bike instead of a motorcycle to deliver the food.

One could just imagine that he had to double or even triple the effort to arrive at his destination on time, to deliver the food to his customers, considering that he’s using a bike and has that prosthetic leg!

The admirable man has not been named yet, but he’s certainly taken the internet by storm. A lot of people have been inspired by his determination and are hoping that everyone should just stop complaining about everything…


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