14-Year-Old Girl Hospitalized from Hundreds of Milk Tea Pearls Undigested in Body

14-Year-Old Girl Hospitalized from Hundreds of Milk Tea Pearls Undigested in Body
Milk tea is a favorite drink these days, with so many people (mostly young ones) enjoying the drink and carrying a cup around. There’s even a bubble tea challenge! Have you tried that one?

But the popular drink has also gained an ill reputation after several people got sick after having too much milk tea. Recently, a 14-year-old girl was hospitalized after suffering from severe stomachache.

The girl is from China but was not identified for privacy reasons.

According to reports, the girl complained of severe stomachache and constipation for 5 days; thus, she was taken to the hospital. After a series of tests, it was discovered that hundreds of milk tea pearls were stuck throughout her digestive system.

The undigested milk tea pearls are blocking her intestines, leading to constipation.

Photo credit: Asia One / Weibo

At first, the girl would not admit that she always drinks milk tea as she was likely scared of her parents. She claimed that she experienced stomachache from a single cup of milk tea she drank the previous day. But the doctors belied the claim, saying having such a huge amount of undigested milk tea pearls in her body meant she had been having the drink for a long time.

Many people think the post was fake, especially because milk tea pearls are small. However, doctors explained that the high starch content in the tapioca balls that are used as milk tea pearls makes these difficult for the body to digest.

Because the girl was fond of milk tea, the pearls got stuck in her body and were not eliminated in a natural way.

She was given laxatives and had to spend several days at the hospital. The girl was advised to refrain from drinking a lot of milk tea in the future or to at least avoid ingesting too much of the starchy tapioca pearls in the drink.

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