Street Kids Find Wallet, Go Viral for Not Taking Any Money Inside

Street Kids Find Wallet, Go Viral
A lot of people have this notion that street kids are future headaches in society because their poor lives could easily lead them to take money from others, yet two kids who live in the streets recently went viral for returning a wallet they found – and they didn’t even get a single cent from the money inside!

A netizen who goes by the handle ‘Xer Yoker’ on Facebook shared photos of the kids and the money that was inside the wallet they found. Yoker captioned the post with what the kids told him as they approached him with the wallet.

Photo credit: Xer Yoker / Facebook

“Kuya, kuya may napulot kme wallet pero d nmin binawasan yan😂 … Mga batang mc malabon daw sila…” Yoker wrote.

Upon checking the wallet, Yoker found a driver’s license inside. The wallet belongs to a certain Sherwin Ayag Malasig from somewhere in Valenzuela City, Metro Manila.

Photo credit: Xer Yoker / Facebook

Yoker did not indicate whether there were other information inside the wallet that could be used to find the driver to return his things. But the main story there is the fact that these kids could have easily taken the contents of the wallet and used the money to buy food, yet they did not do that.

Photo credit: Xer Yoker / Facebook

Instead, the honest kids approached Yoker so he could help them return the wallet to the rightful owner. Isn’t that impressive?

While Yoker did not identify the kids by their names on his post, many were impressed by their honesty. Several people tagged civic-oriented programs such as “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho” in hopes that these kids would be featured on TV.

Photo credit: Xer Yoker / Facebook

After all, a lot of people forcibly take stuff from others, yet these honest kids returned the wallet they found even if no one had been watching and they could have just taken the money to spend on their own…

Photo credit: Xer Yoker / Facebook

Kudos to you, kids!


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