Parking Boy Goes Viral after Saving Up Enough Coins to Finally Eat at Restaurant He Serves

Parking Boy
In an ideal world, anyone and everyone can eat what they like, have homes where they can be comfortable in, and enjoy a good life that is free from worries. But the reality is harsh. A lot of people don’t have enough food to eat a good meal three times a day. Many live in the streets, finding shelter under the shadow of tall buildings and trees.

A lot of kids don’t have kind, caring parents who could provide all their needs. Many are left to their own devices, living in the streets and finding ways to earn money so they can have something to eat. Plenty of these kids turn to begging while others even learn to take other people’s hard-earned money.

Recently, a young parking boy went viral for saving up enough coins so he could finally eat at the restaurant he serves – and his story has touched a lot of people’s hearts.

The still unnamed kid often hangs out outside Yumgyeopsal-Baliwag Branch, earning some coins as parking boy. There had been many times in the past when this kid would ask the staff for some water or iced tea; they readily gave him the drink for free.

Photo credit: Yumgyeopsal-Baliwag Branch / Facebook

One day, though, he asked how much he needed so that he could eat at the restaurant. Though the restaurant had a policy that kids above 4 ft should pay the full price and this kid was over 4 ft tall, the staff decided to charge him the discounted prize of Php175.

He went out to get his money and came back to pay the Php175 in full! While the restaurant could have given him the meal for free, the staff decided to accept his money to give him a life lesson – and it was something that truly made a lot of people admire them.

“Of course, we accepted his payment [but gave him] free cheese and ice cream not because mukha kaming pera but to teach him that if he wants something he have to work for it.
I also learned that there's nothing wrong of treating yourself when it comes to food once in a while don't feel guilty imagine this KID treat himself nga e. Tau pa kaya!”

Some people still thought it was wrong for the restaurant to charge the kid because that might have been the only money he has, yet others sided with the staff and said that by accepting the cash, the restaurant truly gave him a valuable life lesson…


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