Netizen Urges Everyone to Clean Up Their Tables When Eating Out at Restaurants

 Clean Up Their Tables When Eating Out at Restaurants
In the Philippines, most people are used to just standing up and leaving the table after eating when dining out at restaurants. Most of us expect the crew to clear up everything; after all, that is their job, right?

That is the practice by most people that when there are diners who actually clean out the tables after eating, their photos become viral!
Recently, a netizen went viral for urging everyone to clean up their tables. The suggestion was taken constructively by most people, with many tagging their friends and family so that they could also do the same.
“Practice doing this whenever you will eat outside and you will surely bring smile on the crew's face,” Junery Ace Villa wrote.
In his post, he shared a photo of a clean table – with no crumbs or spilled drinks and sauce in sight. The plates, bowls, and glasses were stacked neatly together while the spoons, forks, and kalamansi were also placed on the plate.

Photo credit: Junery Ace Villa / Facebook

With such a clean table, the service crew would not have a hard time clearing up the table and getting it ready for the next customers.
“That's right. Hindi porket yung trabaho nila is magligpit ng pinagkainan natin eh hahayaan nalang natin na hindi ayusin 😊,” netizen Lyka Nicole wrote in response to the post.
Some netizens also commented that this is exactly what they do when dining out because their parents, particularly their mothers, taught them to clean up after eating – and the rule applies whether they are eating at home or dining out.
“It is a good example of discipline, inabot ng maayos yung pagkain kaya dapat iwan din ng maayos yung pinagkainan ❤️,” netizen Sean Kristoffer Ronquillo agreed.
Others are not so open to the idea, saying that they would only do this if the crew smiled and handled their order well…


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