Photo of Mayon Volcano Hiding Behind Veil of Clouds Wows Netizens

Mayon Volcano Hiding Behind Veil of Clouds
A stunning photo of Mayon Volcano recently went viral as the beautiful volcano was hidden in a veil of clouds that appeared to hug its majestic cone. The lenticular clouds also formed a beautiful white cone over the mountain while cumulus clouds ‘hid’ the rest of the mountain’s ‘body’ from view.

The photo has garnered much attention online after it was posted by Facebook page, Legazpi City.

“Sometimes Daragang Magayon is like a shy bride hiding behind a veil of clouds,” the photo was captioned.

Mayon Volcano is not the highest peak in the Philippines; that distinction is held by Mt. Apo. Yet Mayon is arguably the most famous in the country, due to its impressive beauty. After all, only a few mountains in the world have a near-perfect cone!

Often listed among the most ‘photogenic’ and beautiful mountains in the world, Mayon Volcano is truly a sight to behold. Rising tall with an elevation of 2,463 m amid the plains around it, can be seen from miles around.

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Mayon Volcano Hiding Behind Veil of Clouds

Photo credit: Gerry Diaz / Facebook - Legazpi City

Its beauty is sometimes pronounced by the gorgeous clouds that form above and around it. Just some weeks ago, someone shared a photo of the volcano with a lovely cloud forming an umbrella over the mountain. The photo went viral, with many netizens saying that this white umbrella was the perfect accessory for ‘Daragang Mayon’, the mountain’s local name which means ‘Beautiful Maiden’.

The Legend of Daragang Mayon

In the local legend, Daragang Mayon had been the princess, the only daughter of the tribal chief of Rawis, Makusog (which means ‘strong’). She had many suitors, yet she fell in love with Panganoron (which means ‘clouds’) who saved her from drowning as she tried to escape a handsome but haughty suitor named Pagtuga (which means ‘eruption’).

But the two had a Romeo-and-Juliet type of ending when Panganoron perished in a heroic mission to save Makusog who was kidnapped by Pagtuga. Panganoron died in Daragang Mayon’s arms. Unable to bear being apart from her lover, she took a knife from his side and stabbed herself.

Makusog buried the lovers together. The people were surprised that a mountain would soon grow on the site, leading Makusog to name it after his daughter. While people later said that Daragang Mayon was cursed for taking her own life, many argued that she still had her happy ending as she continually gets to spend time with Panganoron…

Did the photo of the veil of clouds remind you of Panganoron?

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