Guy Goes Viral for Returning Php10k Left by Someone at ATM

Guy Goes Viral for Returning Php10k
We now live in a world where there are so many conveniences around us. For instance, we no longer have to wait for banking hours for financial transactions. There are plenty of ATMs outside the bank and in strategic places inside malls or other places in town. You can also do transactions online, even just using apps on your smartphone.

But sometimes machines and computer systems fail. During these moments, you could lose (or gain) money in your bank account – and some people could easily take advantage of the glitch.

Photo credit: Aries Cave / Facebook

Recently, one guy went viral for an act of honesty after finding Php10,000 at an ATM.

Last May 14 at around 12 noon in Waltermart Monuz, a netizen who goes by the social media handle ‘Aries Cave’ was about to use the ATM when he saw that the previous user had left his/her money on the machine.

“Good day po. Baka my kakilala kau na nagwidraw sa waltermart monuz..di nio nakuha ung pera at recibo naiwan sa ATM machine .kinuha ko kc baka makuha ng iba di ibalik sa my ari kawawa nman.binigay ko sa bank ng bdo ung pera waltermart ung pera kau npo mag mag claim don..papasa po sa iba para makuha ng may ari tn”

Photo credit: Aries Cave / Facebook

Why the money was left at the machine remains a mystery but it was possible that the 1) the person had really forgotten to pick up the cash or was in a hurry, 2) the person encountered an error and left without realizing that the transaction pushed through, or 3) the machine had a glitch that made it dispense the money again.

No matter the reason for the cash on the machine, netizens applauded Aries for being honest. Instead of pocketing the cash, he brought the money alongside the machine-issued receipt and reported it to the bank. In response, the bank accepted the money and had Aries deposit the cash in a transaction that was credited as ‘over dispense’, based on the print on the official receipt.

Photo credit: Aries Cave / Facebook

Many netizens praised him for being honest; though others doubted his story, saying it was ‘impossible’ because the ATMs are programmed to capture the cash after a few seconds if the depositor does not take the money. But the official receipt he shared is proof enough that he found the money and reported it to the bank…


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