Driver’s Unusual Driving Skill Goes Viral in Surprising Video

Driver’s Unusual Driving Skill Goes Viral in Surprising Video
Safety is of utmost importance when you are driving, especially a public utility vehicle because the lives of many people could be at risk when something bad happens.

Knowing the quality of roads and many vehicles in the Philippines, it is always important to keep your eye on the road and both your hands on the steering wheel.

But one jeepney driver took this piece of advice rather too literally when he kept both his hands on the steering wheel at all times – and only used his right foot to change the gears!

Photo credit: Giancarlo Dones / Facebook

Can you imagine riding a jeep or any other vehicle whose driver uses his foot instead of his hand to change the gears? Uh oh. That’s dangerous, right?

In a video that has since gone viral on Facebook, Giancarlo Dones shared a clip taken inside a jeep with a marking ‘Balibago’ inside.

The route was not very important as this point, but many netizens are hoping they could find this man so they could ask him for more driving tips.

A lot were amused that this guy ‘discovered’ a new way of driving without taking your hands off the steering wheel.

Photo credit: Giancarlo Dones / Facebook

Several netizens are joking that they would also want to try this trick with their vehicles; though that might be a bit impossible to do with most modern cars as the leg room does not leave much for movement – and the gear stick is actually located much higher than the one in this driver’s jeep.

“Driving skill level: 99999999999,” Giancarlo joked in his post.

Photo credit: Giancarlo Dones / Facebook

Some netizens are joking that this jeep must surely be an automatic transmission jeep and that this stick was just there for fun.

Others tagged their friends, daring them to drive in this manner. Some also joked that this was the ‘safest’ way to drive because your hands are always on the wheel. LOL.

Check out this video and tell us what you think:


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