Doctor Belittles Angel Locsin, Calls Actress an ‘Empty Can’ That’s Loud but Nothing Inside


Doctor Belittles Angel Locsin, Calls Actress an ‘Empty Can’
A doctor who engaged actress Angel Locsin in a Twitter war has gained flak on social media, with netizens calling her out for ‘low blows’ on the actress and insults that bely her profession.

This apparently started due to the actress’ support for her cousin, Neri Colmenares, who ran for senator in the recently held midterm elections. Angel, whose real name is Angelica Colmenares, is a staunch supporter of her cousin and has been vocal in her anger towards those who try to taint his name.

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But many netizens believe Colmenares has ties with the New People’s Army (NPA). By supporting her cousin, Angel is also being tagged as a left-wing supporter by association. This was heightened during the election period, leading many people to slam the actress for being part of a ‘communist’ group.

While defending her cousin, Angel got into a Twitter war with a Pinay doctor who is now based in Singapore. The doctor, with Twitter, handles @donnz_MD, was criticizing the artist for her ‘whines on Twitter’, saying these were quite ‘embarrassing’. Angel replied, leading to a Twitter war where the doctor called her an ‘empty can’.

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Screenshots of the heated exchange were shared by Fashion Pulis. In these screenshots, the two traded barbs.

“Dear Ms. Angel Locsin, Artista ka. Doctor ako. FYI lang. please take time to know your Philippine history very well. Your whining here on twitter is so embarrassing. Walang laman eh. NpA sprouted because of the liberal party whom you’re defending. Go to the mountain 4 u to know,” wrote the doctor, @donnz_MD.

What she meant by the ‘mountain’ is that the rebels often hide in the mountains across the Philippines.

Photo credit: Fashion Pulis

Angel explained that she enjoys going to the mountains, but this was mocked by the doctor who pointed out that the actress must have enjoyed mountains like Sagada and Blue Mountain, insinuating that the ‘mountains’ she meant were the ones where the rebels are living.

After Angel told @donnz_MD that she was being arrogant because she puts down artists, the doctor got mad and called her an ‘empty can’.

Photo credit: Fashion Pulis

“Ganito ka-shallow is Ms. Angel Locsin. Comparable to an empty can. Too noisy but nothing inside. Bawal ba magcomment sa inappropriate actions nya? As artista, she should be responsible with her actions and choice of words,” @donnz_MD wrote.

But Angel fights back, writing a scathing reply.

“Bilang doctor, responsible ka rin ho dapat. Nakakahiya po kayo. Siguro wala ho kayong client na artist kung ganyan ang tingin niyo samin. Mapangmataas ka po. Pero wala namang laman ang sinasabi. Pinalaki ho ako ng maayos ng magulang ko at tinuruan ho akong lumaban para sa tama,” Angel wrote.

Photo credit: Fashion Pulis

Netizens are now divided whether Angel did the right thing or if she should just have kept her mouth (or her Twitter account) shut regarding the sensitive political issue that led to this heated war on Twitter…


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