Terry Crews Stars in Comical Muscle-Controlled Drum Performance for Old Spice

Terry Crews Stars in Comical Muscle-Controlled Drum
American actor and former American football player, Terry Crews, played off his athletic physique and totally ripped body in a comical commercial for Old Spice involving a muscle-controlled drum performance.

Extolling the virtues of Old Spice deodorant through his hilarious performance, Crews shows off his impressive physique by supposedly playing the 20-piece drum kit just by flexing muscles in various parts of his body.

Terry Crews Stars

Photo credit: YouTube / MillChannel

Don’t worry because this is a rather ‘clean’ video, but it was quite hilarious how he was supposedly able to control the movements of drumsticks and other pieces to create cool music. A mirror that appears at his back in towards the end of the hilarious performance shows that even his back muscles were controlling some portions of his extra special drum kit.

It is unknown which muscle is attached to which drum or musical instrument, but eagle-eyed netizens might be able to decipher this by following the movements on those muscles and comparing these with the sounds made on the drum kit. Can you do it?

The giant wailing head and the trio of flaming saxophones should already give you a hint that the ‘muscle-control’ playing portions of the video are really just visual effects, but netizens had a good laugh over the clip, anyway.

With sensors supposedly attached to various muscles on Crews’ body, the former football player entertained his fans with a music solo that certainly got a lot of men envious over his ripped body. Perhaps using Old Spice deodorant would do the trick for them, too?

What makes this ad extra special is that Old Spice actually created a Vimeo video at the time to let anyone create their own music, using Crews’ muscles to do it. Users could even upload their own version of the ad; though the feature seems to have been disabled as of press time.

Check out this video and have a good laugh at Crews’ antics:


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